Regulation & Policy

Regulation & Policy

The path of legal authority passes from federal to state to local.  This means, for example, that local regulations may be equal to or more stringent, but not less stringent, than the next level up, in this case, the state regulation.  Similarly, state regulation cannot be less stringent than federal regulation.  This general understanding applies to all statutes or laws, regulations or rules.  

Example: A city ordinance cannot allow the burning of weeds within city limits if the local clean air authority’s regulation prohibits such action; but a local clean air authority can institute a regulation that prohibits the burning of weeds within city limits even if the state regulation allows such an activity, because the regulation can become more restrictive from state to local level of authority.

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Federal Clean Air Act
(Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 60)

Washington State Clean Air Act
(Chapter 70A.15 Revised Code of Washington)                        


YRCAA Regulation 1

General Regulations for Air Pollution Sources
(Chapter 173-400 Washington Administrative Code)



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