Keith Hurley
Executive Director, APCO
509-834-2050 Ext 112
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Mary Wurtz
Records Administrator
509-834-2050 Ext 102
Email Mary
Mark Edler
Administrative Division Supervisor and Public Information Officer
509-834-2050 Ext 110
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Carl Brookshire
Information Technology Manager, Webmaster
509-834-2050 Ext 115
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Michelle Blanchard
Agency Receptionist, Woodstove Change Out Coordinator
509-834-2050 Ext 101
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Christa Owen
CPA and, Fiscal Programs Manager
509-834-2050 Ext 104
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Hasan Tahat, Ph.D
Compliance and Engineering Division Supervisor
509-834-2050 Ext 105
Email Hasan
Dustin Harrington
Senior Air Quality Compliance Inspector
509-834-2050 Ext 108
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Kelsey Sanford
Air Monitoring Program Manager, Complaints Program Manager
509-834-2050 Ext 109
Email Kelsey
Wade Porter
Air Quality Engineering Specialist
509-834-2050 Ext 107
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