Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Meeting Schedule:

The Board of Directors of the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency normally meets once a month, on the second Thursday of each month. Special Board Meetings are scheduled as needed. Changes to this schedule will be posted under the monthly Public Notice Announcement.
Meetings commence at 2:00 p.m. and end at 3:00 p.m. If a work session is scheduled, it will be held at 1:30 p.m., one half hour before the regular meeting begins.

Meeting Location:

Unless otherwise stipulated, the YRCAA Board of Directors normally conducts their meeting in the City Council Chambers of the Yakima City Hall Building, 129 North Second Street, Yakima, WA 98901.

Board Procedures for the Public:

Procedures for requesting an item to be placed on the Agenda:

Members of the public wishing to add an item to the meeting agenda should submit a written request to the Executive Director no later than the Friday immediately preceding the next scheduled board meeting. The preferred method of delivery is by email to The Director will email all Board members the list of public requested topics for inclusion on the agenda no later than the Monday preceding the regularly scheduled meeting. Board members will then provide to the Executive Director their list of public requested items/topics to be placed on the agenda no later than close of business the Tuesday preceding the meeting, ensuring that any changes to the agenda can be implemented expeditiously.

Procedures for addressing the Board during the public comments period:

All persons wishing to address the Board shall step up to the speaker's podium and state for the record:

To assist the board members in hearing as many different viewpoints as possible in the limited time available, each person shall be limited to three minutes; unless further time is granted by the Board. Public Comments shall address items identified on the agenda. All remarks shall be addressed to the Board as a body and not to any individual member therefor. No person, other than members of the Board and the person having the floor shall be permitted to speak, either directly or through a member of the Board, without the permission of the Chair. No questions shall be asked of a member of the Board except through the Chair.


Board Members:

The YRCAA governing Board of Directors consists of five board members, each elected to a four-year term of office:
Two Representatives of County Commissioners
One Large City Representative (usually the mayor of the City of Yakima or Mayor's designee)
One Small City Representative (elected by the City Selection Committee), and
One Member-At-Large (selected by the other four Board Members).
Each Board Member selects an alternate who serves in their place, should they be unable to attend a Board Meeting. Board Members and their Alternates comply with chapter 70A.15.230 RCW.

Meeting Agendas

Board of Directors

Janice Deccio
Large Cities, Mayor, City of Yakima
Email Janice
Jose A. Trevino
Small Cities, Mayor - City of Granger
Email Jose
Steven Jones, Ph.D.
County Representative
Email Steven
Amanda McKinney
Yakima County Commissioner
Email Amanda
Jon DeVaney
Board Chairman, Representative at Large
Email Jon

Meeting Agendas

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