By order of the Yakima County Fire Marshal, all outdoor burning of residential waste, including yard debris, is prohibited until September 30, 2024. Residential burn permits issued by the Agency do NOT allow burning when a ban is in effect. Residential burning with a permit may resume October 1, 2024.

Air Quality Survey

The Wash. Dept. of Ecology is conducting an air quality survey.  Visit to take the survey.

Employment Opportunity

The YRCAA is seeking an administrative assistant.  See Public Notices/Employment for a job description, employment benefits, and application.

Wood Stove Change-out Program

Rebates up to $3,800 are available now!

You may also be eligible for replacement of your current solid fuel burning device at no cost.

Details  ♦  Application Form

Fire Safety Burn Ban Called

The Yakima County Fire Marshal has banned all outdoor burning of residential waste, including yard debris, until September 30, 2024. Residential burn permits issued by the Agency do NOT allow burning when a ban is in effect.  See Fire Marshal's web site for more information.

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YRCAA Notice of Language Services

The Yakima Regional Clean Air agency (YRCAA) offers free Interpretation & Translation services for our customers. To request these services or to learn more about what the agency can provide, please call (509) 834-2050, ext. l00.

YRCAA Aviso de Servicios de Idiomas

La Agencia Regional de Aire Limpo de Yakima (YRCAA) Ofrece servicios gratuitos de interpretación y traducción para nuestros clientes. Para petición estos  servicios o para obtener  más  información  sobre lo que la agencia puede proporcionar, por  favor  llame al 509-834-2050 Ext. 100


YRCAA Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency (YRCAA) does not discriminate on the base of race, color, national origin, disability, age, or sex in administration of its programs or activities, and the YRCAA does not intimidate or retaliate against any individual or group because they have exercised their rights to participate in or opposed actions protected by 40 C.F.R. Parts 5 and 7, or for the purpose of interfering with such rights (As prohibited under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act 1973; the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972; and Section 13 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972(hereinafter referred to collectively as the federal non-discrimination statues)).

YRCAA Notificación de No Discriminación

La Agencia Regional de Aire Limpio de Yakima (Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency: YRCAA) no discrimina por motivos de raza, color, nacionalidad, discapacidad, edad o sexo relación con la administración de sus programas o actividades. Asimismo, la YRCAA no intimida ni toma represalias en contra ninguna persona o grupo por haber ejercido sus derechos para participar en o por haberse opuesto a cualquier acción protegidas por 40 C.F.R., partes 5 y 7, ni a fin de interferir con tales derechos (tal como lo prohíbe el Título VI de la Ley de derechos civiles de 1964, según sus modificaciones; la Sección 504 de la Ley de rehabilitación de 1973; la Ley de discriminación por edad de 1975; el Título IX de las enmiendas de a la Ley de educación de 1972; y la Sección 13 de las enmiendas a la Ley federal de control de la contaminación del agua de 1972 (en conjunto, las leyes federales en contra de la discriminación))

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