Compliance Assistance for General Public

Compliance Assistance for General Public
  1. Compliance Assistance Program Introduction - A basic introduction and regulatory framework outline.
  2. Activity Specific Information
    1. Outdoor Burning
      1. Outdoor Burning - Basic Information and definitions of the types of Outdoor Burning.
      2. Indoor and Outdoor Burning - Pollutants from Burning and basic requirements.
      3. Residential Outdoor Burning - Things You should know about Outdoor Burning.
      4. Prohibited Materials - Items that are Illegal to Burn in an Outdoor Fire.
      5. Burn Barrel Focus - What's so Bad about Burn Barrels?
      6. Camp Fire Poster - Leave no Trace in your Smoke.
      7. Flood and Storm Debris - Things You should know about Flood and Storm Debris.
    2. Woodstoves
      1. Cheap Heat higher Health Costs - Healthcare costs to presumed savings of burning Wood for Heat.
      2. Home Heating Hints - Guidance for burning.
      3. How Woodsmoke Harms Your Health - How Woodsmoke is harmful to Human Health.
      4. Wood Storage Shed - Drawings of Wood storage construction.
      5. Woodburning Handbook - How to operate a Woodstove or Fireplace more efficiently.
      6. Woodsmoke and Your Health - A discussion of what's in Woodsmoke and how it affects Human Health.
    3. Burn Bans
      1. Why is there a Burn Ban - How a Low Pollution day can be a day when a Burn Ban is appropriate.
      2. Burn Ban Fact Sheet - The Goals of Burn Bans and the criteria for declaring them.
    4. Asbestos
      1. Asbestos in my Home - A detailed discussion of Asbestos-containing materials in a Residence.
      2. Homeowner Ceiling Removal - Homeowner removal of Spray-Applied Asbestos containing materials.
      3. Homeowner Flooring Removal - Homeowner removal of Asbestos containing Vinyl Flooring materials.
      4. Managing Asbestos - A guide for Homeowners to manage Asbestos-containing Materials.
    5. Odor
      1. Odor Regulation - A discussion of how Laws and Regulations pertain to Odors
      2. Odors And Air Quality - A Fact Sheet about how the Agency deals with Odor Complaints.
    6. Dust
      1. Fugitive Dust - A definition and discussion of the sources of Fugitive Dust and steps to minimize it.

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