Compliance Assistance for Businesses

Compliance Assistance for Businesses
  1. Agricultural
    1. Ag Odor and Dust – A discussion of the Clean Air Act conditional exemption for odor and dust.
    2. Agricultural Burn Permit Provisions – A discussion of the permit process and typical conditions.
    3. Agricultural Burning – The statutory and regulatory framework for ag burning.
    4. Animal Feeding Operations – Definitions of CAFO and AFO and local requirements.
  2. Asbestos
    1. Abatement Contractor Checklist – A checklist contractors can use to prepare for YRCAA compliance inspection.
    2. Alternate Methods – A discussion to determine if Alternate Asbestos Removal Methods are necessary.
    3. Asbestos Survey – Questions and answers regarding asbestos survey requirements.
    4. Hiring a Contractor – Things to consider when hiring, and what to expect from, an asbestos contractor.
    5. Renovation Demolition and Asbestos Factsheet – A discussion of requirements for renovation, demolition, and asbestos work.
  3. Industrial
    1. CAP Business Guidebook - A detailed description of the Compliance Assistance Program as it relates to businesses.
    2. Guidebooks – Detailed information specific to activities or operations.
      1. Dry Cleaning
      2. Dust
      3. Gasoline Dispensing
    3. New Source Review – A basic discussion of New Source Review requirements.
    4. Registration Program – A basic discussion of New Source Review requirements.
    5. Compliance Assurance Inspections – What to expect during a compliance assurance inspection.
    6. Inspection Checklists – Checklists that compliance officers use to determine compliance. a through j Below.
      1. Asbestos Projects
      2. Baghouses
      3. Boilers
      4. Cyclones
      5. Dry Cleaners
      6. Gasoline Vapor Recovery – Coaxial
      7. Gasoline Vapor Recovery – Dual Point
      8. Surface Coating
      9. Printing and Graphics
      10. Solvent Degreasers
    7. Facility and Equipment Information – Information about processes, air emissions and emission controls. a Through s Below
      1. Animal Food Production
      2. Asphalt Plants
      3. Backup Generators
      4. Cardboard and Paper
      5. Concrete Production
      6. Dust Guidebook
      7. Dry Cleaners
      8. Dry Cleaners Guidebook
      9. Fiberglass Production
      10. Gasoline Vapor Sources
      11. Gasoline Dispensing Facility Guidebook
      12. Landfills
      13. Metal Fabrication
      14. Printing and Graphics
      15. Rock Crushing
      16. Surface Coating
      17. Surface Coating VOC Calculations
      18. Surface Coating True Costs
      19. Wood Products Production

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